LIXUM in a comparison of properties

LIXUM conventional
branded product
Number of required coats 1 2 to 3
Number of products to be used 1 up to 3
vegan, odorless, transparent, eco-friendly, and organic product
No chemical-synthetic ingredients
made without plasticizers and thinners
No chemical dryers
Laboratory tested
long-term protection up to 10 years up to 4 years
UV stable
2-in-1 system offers both color and weather protection with only 1 coat
a natural beading effect
highly thermoactive
Water resistant
Resistant to temperature fluctuations and various weather effects
penetrate quickly and deeply into your wood surfaces
without tearing open the surface
no swelling the wood
prevents wood from drying out
Will not drip for problem-free overhead work
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Less time required